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Senior Executive, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Senior Executive, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  1. E-Commerce and Online Sales
    1. Candidate must have experience with or understanding of e-commerce/online sales through website and app.
    2. Able to develop and implement strategy to increase online awareness and sales through various B2C platforms including execution of online promotions.
    3. Have experience working with IT developer to design/enhance user interface (UI) and online purchase experience (UX) for website and app including involvement in user requirements and testing. Understanding of system integration/API is an added advantage.
    4. Have hands-on experience with or at least an understanding of web and app CMS (e.g. WordPress, Umbraco) and SEO, can do website content updates and maintenance.
    5. Knowledge/experience handling loyalty programs is an added advantage.
  2. Digital Marketing
    1. Have hands-on experience with SEM/Google Ads, and other forms of digital advertising to increase awareness and conversion.
    2. Work with the appointed agency on digital advertising strategy and implementation, optimising spend and performance.
    3. Have hands-on experience or knowledge of Google Analytics or other online reporting tools.
  3. Social Media
    1. Manage the company’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn) including admin, content updating, monitoring and reporting.
    2. Work with the appointed agency on engagement strategy and content planning.
    3. Have hands-on experience with or knowledge of Facebook Ads, community management (interactions), other social ads, current trends.
    4. Experience working with KOLs is an added advantage.
  4. E-mail Marketing
    1. Know how to manage and grow customer database through subscription/acquisition campaigns.
    2. Have hands-on experience doing e-newsletter using e-mail marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Enginemailer.
  5. Other Tasks and Qualities
    1. Good with documentation, analysis and reporting, and presentation skill.
    2. Good/fair copywriting skill in English (know how to use spellcheck, do research).
    3. Able to conduct online surveys including design and reporting.
    4. Experience handling crisis on social media is an added advantage.
    5. Identify suitable online communities for awareness purpose.
    6. Monitor info on ERL products/services and related news on third party, websites, public forum, blogs, reviews, etc. and respond to where necessary.
  1. A good understanding of/passion for marketing and ability to market products.
  2. Mandatory: Minimum 3 years’ hands-on experience in B2C e-commerce, digital, email and social media marketing, UI/UX, data analytics and content marketing.
  3. Talented candidates with content strategy/writing skill, technical skills including CMS, SEO and Google Analytics or experience working in a digital marketing agency, will be highly regarded.
  4. Knowledge of latest trends and insights such as digital/mobile wallet, and with an eye for design would be an added advantage.
  5. Highly proficient in MS Office.
  6. Degree in IT, Business/Business Computing, Marketing/Digital Marketing or equivalent.
  1. Strong written and oral communication skills in English.
  2. A result-driven, fast learner, able to work independently with minimal supervision and also work in a team.
  3. Strong planning, organisational, communication and problem-solving/analytical skills.
  4. Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Note : Successful candidate will be offered a 2 years’ employment contract with possibility to be absorbed as permanent (based on performance) at the end of the contract.

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*Please ensure that your file is in ZIP, PDF, JPEG or PNG format and does not exceed 5MB in size.