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Car parks are available at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan Station and at Putrajaya Sentral. These facilities are managed by third parties. Kindly contact the respective parking management offices for further details.
The Park & Ride facility at Salak Tinggi Station is managed by Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL).
The parking charges are RM3 per day/entry (4.31am to 1.00am) and an overnight surcharge is applicable at RM5 (1.01am to 4.30am). RM8 will be charged for subsequent days/part thereof (from 4.31am the following day). The car park accepts Touch n' Go card only for payment (please ensure you have sufficient balance in your card upon exit).
Carry-on bags into the train cabin should not exceed 3 pieces per passenger and each bag should not exceed 30 kg.
Only foldable bicycles are allowed onboard the train to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers. Please ensure your bicycle is securely folded and do not block doors and pathways.
Bulky items that might pose a safety hazard during an emergency evacuation will not be allowed on board the trains. Surf boards and non-foldable bicycles are strictly prohibited.
All enquiries and claims in respect of checked-in baggage should be forwarded directly to your airline or their ground-handling agent. Please notify your airline immediately for their further action.
Left Luggage facility is available at KL Sentral, KLIA T1, KLIA T2 and Putrajaya Sentral, and each is managed by third parties. Rates vary according to location and locker size.
We do provide free porter service, on first come first serve basis, for KLIA Ekspres passengers who require assistance with their luggage.
COVID-19 Important Notice: Please note that the porter service is not available at the moment due to the current Movement Control Order.
Porter service is only available for passengers taking the KLIA Ekspres.
There are ample trolleys provided at the KLIA Ekspres station at KL Sentral and KLIA (T1 & T2). However, due to safety reasons trolleys are not available at the KLIA Transit intermediate stations.
For KLIA Transit passengers, trolleys are only made available at KL Sentral (upon request) and KLIA (T1 & T2).
For safety reasons, trolleys are not allowed on the train. Please get a porter, if available, to assist you with the luggage transfer.
Airline passengers requiring special handling should refer to their respective airlines or ground handling agents for assistance.
No, we don’t. A disabled passenger must make arrangements for his or her own wheelchair and an escort in attendance, if necessary.
We can provide assistance to ensure you can board the train safely and comfortably. Please inform our Ticketing Officer at the counter that you would need boarding assistance. Our station personnel will escort you to the platform and arrange for a special boarding ramp if required.
Yes, there is. You can also request for boarding assistance at the ticket counter and our station personnel will escort you to the platform.
Do you serve food and drink on board the trains?
We do not provide any refreshments on board the trains. Passengers are not allowed to consume food and drink on board the trains.
Pets/animals are not allowed on board the trains.
Smoking or vaping is not allowed onboard the trains. Please adhere to the “No Smoking” rule onboard and at the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit stations including the KL City Air Terminal (KL CAT).
A washroom is available in certain KLIA Ekspres trains. We advise you to use the washroom facility at the station before boarding the train.
If you are still within the station vicinity, please approach our Ticketing Officer for immediate assistance. You will be asked to make an incident report immediately and provide the necessary details for tracing purpose. While we cannot guarantee that you would get your belonging back, we will do our utmost best to retrieve it.

If you have already left the train station, please contact us for further assistance:
Customer Enquiry
Tel: +603 2267 8000 (Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm)

Ticketing & Refunds

We accept cash payments in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) only.
You can pay using credit and debit cards, online banking (FPX) and digital wallets. If you have a gift voucher or EkspreSmiles points, you can also redeem to get a discount.
Yes. You can use your Touch ’n Go card at the gate. However, please ensure you have a minimum balance of RM20 in it before boarding.
AMEX, JCB, Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay contactless cards are accepted at all our KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit gates. You just need to tap your credit or debit card at the barrier gate upon entry and exit.
Yes, you can scan the barcode directly at the barcode reader on the gates to pass through. Please keep the phone brightness at its maximum level while scanning the barcode tickets.
On arrival at the station, please proceed to the ticket counter with your children and present the Child e-tickets (either as printout or on your mobile device). Our Ticketing Officer will then activate the barcode on each e-ticket. You and your children may now board through the barrier gate with your respective e-tickets.
For a Return Trip ticket, you will only need to do this step once, before the trip. .
• If you buy your ticket at the counter, we can issue a receipt upon request. Please inform the Ticketing Officer at the time of purchase.
• If you buy your ticket online, we will issue an e-ticket in PDF format which will be sent to your email address. No other receipt will be issued.
• If you buy your ticket from the self-service kiosk, you will get a barcode ticket which also becomes your receipt. No other printed receipt will be issued.
You can reprint your ticket from the self-service kiosk using the same credit or debit card used during your online purchase. Alternatively, we can help retrieve your e-ticket from the system and print out a hard copy for you, subject to an administrative fee.
Please call our Customer Enquiry at +603-2267 8000 (Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm) or write to and provide the following details for our further investigation:
• Name on card
• Type of Card
• Booking/ Order No / Amount transacted in MYR
• Date and Time of transaction
• Your contact details
Unused tickets which have expired will neither be honoured nor refunded. Please purchase a new ticket for your travel.
We are not obliged to offer a refund in this case however you may write in to with supporting documents for our consideration.
There is no refund for any unused ticket resulting from a passenger’s change of mind, personal reasons, airline matters or any other reasons which are not within our liability. Under our Conditions of Carriage, we can only offer compensation for the value of the ticket purchased, if there is a delay of 60 minutes or more in the train service, for any unused tickets. The unused ticket can be used for a future trip, as long as the ticket has not expired.
It is your responsibility to look after your ticket. We are not obliged to replace a lost or mislaid ticket (or a portion of a ticket) or offer a refund. You need to purchase a new ticket before boarding the train.
Please take good care of your ticket. Damaged smart cards will neither be honoured nor refunded. Do not bend or damage the card as this will render it faulty and you will not be able to pass through our gate. If the smart card is damaged, you will be required to purchase a new ticket.
You will be allowed to leave the train platform/paid area but you will not be entitled to a refund or fresh ticket/ticket revalidation
We will process your claim within 21 working days. Our Customer Enquiry will notify you accordingly.
Request A Refund
Have your travel plans changed or is your ticket lost or stolen? We’re here to help.

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