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7 Easy Ways to Go Green When You Travel



Travelling green may require a conscious effort but it can make your travel experience much more memorable and meaningful. We believe that responsible travel can make you feel better about your travels, open your heart and mind to gain a broader understanding of the world, and inspire you to make a positive impact.

Here are some useful tips on how you can go green while travelling and make travel better for everyone!

  • Take public transport whenever possible

This is one of the best ways you can do for the environment while travelling! Start your journey with the KLIA Ekspres and help take 5.3 million cars off the road every year.

  • Always buy souvenirs or food from local people

That way, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of any items you buy. As an added bonus, you're supporting the local economy too.

  • Carry a reusable water bottle whenever you travel

Plenty of places will fill your water bottle for free, there's no need to buy so many plastic bottles which are often not recycled.

  • Be a responsible guest

At your hotel, opt not to change your sheets and towels daily, take shorter showers and turn off the lights and air-conditioner when leaving the room.

  • Ditch the plastic bags

Make it a point to carry a cloth or eco-friendly reusable bag whenever you go shopping to reduce plastic wastage.

  • Choose paperless

The more you do online, the less paper you need. Book your accommodation, flights, tour tickets and even your KLIA Ekspres e-ticket online!

  • Go for eco-friendly travel and tour companies

Exercise your right as a consumer and support companies that are committed to eco-tourism and sustainability.

At KLIA Ekspres, we are committed to ensuring better management of our resources, material consumption, energy conservation, reduction of pollution and harmful effects to the environment caused by our processes through an approach of continual improvements. Check out the video below.