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8 Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids



Traveling with your whole family for the first time can be overwhelming, especially with little kids in tow. However, with a little bit of know-how, travelling with children need not be a hassle. Not only will you have memorable experiences together, you will also encourage your kids to appreciate other cultures and be more open to new things in life.

Here are some tips you can easily implement when travelling with kids for a fun and enjoyable trip for the whole family.

Plan early

Choose destinations and activities that are going to be enjoyable for your whole family. Plan your itinerary early and book your flights, accommodations and tour activities in advance so that you can enjoy the vacation with less things to worry about.

KLIA Ekspres | Plan Your Trip | Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids

Allow flexibility in your itinerary

When travelling with your family, it is expected that everything will take longer than you expect. Keep your schedule loose and leave plenty of room for adjustments. A flexible schedule will create less stress for you and your family and lead to a happier trip.

Don’t overpack

Family trips can turn into a nightmare if you take too much luggage. Imagine having to carry your heavy luggage and keep an eye on your kids at the same time. Pack smart and remember that you can always buy something you really need during your travels.

KLIA Ekspres | Plan Your Trip | Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids

Choosing your accommodation

Convenience and easy access to most public transport systems and activities are a priority when choosing an accommodation for your family travel. Choose an accommodation that has lots of attractions within walking distance, have all the basic amenities you and your family need, and are comfortable for everyone.

Ask for child discounts

This is a great way to save money every time you travel with your family. Most activities and tours offer discounts for kids although some don’t publicise this information. Take your chance and ask – the most they can do is say no.

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KLIA Ekspres | Plan Your Trip | Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids

Pack for medical emergencies

It’s always a good idea to take a few over-the-counter medications your family might need while traveling. If anyone in the family is taking prescription medication, always make sure to bring it along and have a copy of the doctor’s prescription with you.

Prepare your kids for the trip

Letting your kids know about your travel plans help them to know what to expect. If there are things your kids are interested in, make an effort to include them in the itinerary planning too. They will be even more excited about the trip when they took part in the planning process.

KLIA Ekspres | Plan Your Trip | Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids

Make sure your children have your contact information

This is to ensure that your children knows how to contact you if they lost their way and got separated from the family. The contact information should include your name, mobile number and your local address. Keep the information with your children at all times and make sure they know where to find it and what to do.

KLIA Ekspres | Plan Your Trip | Useful Tips for Travelling with Kids

So start planning, get out there and travel with your family. Things might not go as planned but you will be sure of a fun and memorable time that your kids will treasure forever. Who knows, you might be planning your next trip before you know it. Happy travels!

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