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Best Road Trips from Kuala Lumpur



Who wouldn’t love a good road trip? In a diverse country like Malaysia, there are plenty of destinations to explore by being behind the wheel. Whether your idea of a perfect road trip involves iconic landmarks, picturesque spots or a short expedition, there are plenty of interesting places to visit closer to home. 

Here, we share our top five destinations for a wholesome weekend road trip for you and your family. Read on to see all the places you can visit to escape your usual nine to five and create lasting memories.

1. Kuala Selangor
This is a place so near you can call it your next-door neighbour! From nature to modern adventures, a journey to Kuala Selangor is only an hour away and worth adding to your must-go list!

Start your morning the right way with a breath of fresh air and a breathtaking green landscape at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Take a hike up this park and become one with nature as you explore the unique pathways. Some extra bits - the lighting is perfect for some candid shots for the gram!

On top of that, Kuala Selangor is also home to fireflies. Boat rides can be fun, but make it more exciting with thousands of lights floating around you. Drift across the river and look at the tiny creatures that light up at night. This experience would make you feel like you are in an actual movie! 

2. Janda Baik
Janda Baik is widely known for its nature-related activities among travellers. A great breezy escape from Kuala Lumpur's heat takes up only a 45-minute drive. Drive here for an enjoyable trip with the pine trees, foggy woods and cool air! 

Sungai Benus is a great place to swim or have a picnic by the beautiful river. Be sure to bring extra clothes and food if you plan a trip here.

Janda Baik is more than just a holiday destination. It is a hotspot for nature retreats and farm-to-table foods in a small valley bounded by thick rainforest. How often do you get your meals made from the ground up? The group activities at A Little Farm On The Hill teach you about plantings and experience farm-to-table meals while overlooking the beautiful view from the top.

3. Kuala Kubu Bharu

Kuala Kubu Bharu is usually known as a resting spot on the way to Fraser’s Hill. But did you know it could also be the perfect place for a day trip with your family?

The peaceful town of Kuala Kubu Bharu boasts amazing nature spots for nature lovers. To anyone who is a fan of waterfalls, the Chilling Waterfall is considered an exquisite beauty of Selangor, which takes about an hour for you to navigate through the river crossings.

For a spectacular view of the green landscape, take the challenge and hike up the hill at 3576 feet above sea level, which will take up to approximately two to three hours. Despite the challenge, the outrageous scenery is beyond incredible.

4. Bukit Tinggi

If you’re looking to escape the heat of Kuala Lumpur, there is a peaceful place just an hour’s drive away. A hidden gem in Pahang, Bukit Tinggi is a quaint little town that makes you feel like you travelled back in time to a place far away from home.

First off, head to Colmar Tropicale and immerse yourself in the picturesque town inspired by villages in France. Bring out your phones and cameras as this place offers an Instagram-worthy spot for your next post with its cobblestone street, flowers, and colourful buildings.

Similar to the architecture of the buildings at Colmar Tropicale, Fraser’s Hill is known for retaining the charm of bungalows from the colonial era. Take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful buildings and cool breeze. If you’re up for a little more adventure or would like to embrace what nature offers, visit the nearby Japanese village, which requires an entry fee, or the Pine Tree Trail for a memorable hike.

5. Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat is famous for its dragonfruit farms, growing succulent juicy pink dragonfruits. Along the roads of Tanjung Sepat, you will see vendors selling dragonfruits at extremely affordable prices. There are also farms that you can visit with your family and witness the process of growing these big juicy fruits.

Besides that, Tanjung Sepat Beach has also attracted many opacarophiles (people who love sunsets) for its scenic sunset views. There is also a rainbow-themed bridge called the Lover’s Bridge, where you can take a stroll with your loved ones and enjoy the beach view from atop.

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