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Why Putrajaya Is The Best Place For Cycling



It goes without saying that cycling is a great leisure activity and helps burn quite a bit of calories. Whether you cycle as an everyday activity or as an intense endeavour, one place that you should paddle to is Putrajaya.

In efforts to promote Putrajaya as a hub of sports, and to reduce carbon footprints, Perbadanan Putrajaya plans to improve its existing infrastructure, especially in making cycling routes friendlier and safer for the public.

Scenic Views
What started as rubber and palm oil plantations have turned into an iconic metropolis of the 21st century. Putrajaya is the epitome of visionary city planning with its spectacular architecture and nature landscaping. It houses several green initiatives that placed the city on the map as an intelligent garden city. The Botanical Park and several other parks act as the green lung of the city.

One of the most notable monuments would be the Putra Mosque, featuring pink hues and a combination of Malay and Middle Eastern elements. If you’re cycling in Putrajaya, this mosque would be hard to miss.

The Putrajaya Lake, a man-made lake that spreads across the entire city is what gives cyclists a cool breeze when cycling. Not to mention the breathtaking view this lake provides. 

Beautiful Bridges
Putrajaya is also known for its bridges. There are eight bridges around Putrajaya built around its 650-hectare lake. One of the most significant bridges - the 375 metres Sri Perdana Bridge - boasts Moorish influences, giving cyclists a taste of culture-rich designs while allowing a good view of Putrajaya’s famous landmarks.

When the sky turns to night, the Seri Wawasan Bridge, Sri Saujana Bridge, and the Seri Gemilang Bridge will light up in bright, beautiful lights. A breathtaking sight when you’re one to cycle at night.

Popular Routes

If you’re a daredevil with two wheels, Putrajaya offers a dedicated mountain bike trail at Putrajaya Challenge Park. The 9km trail includes steep hills ranging from easy to challenging routes. The Thrill Park and Skate Park are also available for stunt bikers and BMX bikers.

Be sure to bring your helmets, knee pads and elbow pads along because you’ll be in for a ride!

For long-distance rides, Putrajaya offers various routes for cyclist to either train for competitions, or simple leisure. Depending on the level of difficulty one can endure, novice cyclists can go for 15km routes while experts can cycle up to 200km. Check out some of the common trails in Putrajaya:

Easy Trails

  1. Sisiran Tasik Trail (12km)
  2. Perdana Trail (5km)
  3. Marina Trail (2.7km)

Moderate Trails

  1. Saujana Hijau Trail (7.2km)
  2. Wetland Trail (4km)
  3. Putra Perdana Trail (hilly 800m)

Challenging Trails

  1. Rimba Alam Trail (5km)
  2. Cabaran Trail (steep 2.7km)
  3. Wawasan Trail (3.6km)

Click here for the route maps and details of the cycling trails above.

Competitive Cycling & Cycling Events
Putrajaya is also ground for competitive cycling and fun cycling events. The cycling community has been part of many iconic cycling events here, including Powerman Malaysia, the world’s largest duathlon, Fun Ride on National Sports Day, Putrajaya Century Ride, and the record-breaking 1Federal Territories Cycling Convoy which involved over 16 thousand participants.

In 2022, cycling enthusiasts can expect more events to happen. Some of the most anticipated cycling events include:

1. Putrajaya Bridge Night Ride - March 11 & 12
2. Cyclefest - June 16 & 17
3. Putrajaya Inter Park Ride - September 17 & 18
4. PCP Adrenaline Festival - October 15 & 16

Safe for Cyclists
Apart from bridges, monuments, and parks, Putrajaya has also made an effort to make the city safe for cyclists. The city area consists of integrated and self-contained neighbourhood centres and commercial facilities linked to interconnected cycle ways.

Along the safe and dedicated cycling routes, you will find shelters, benches, public toilets and kiosks where you can take breaks and enjoy light snacks.

Supporting A Greener Future
Starting from 12 February 2022, foldable and non-foldable bicycles, scooters, and e-bikes will be allowed onboard ERL trains. On weekdays, however, non-foldable bikes will be excluded to allow more space for passengers.

Head to the beautiful Putrajaya for fun leisure time with family and friends. Take your bicycle along onto the KLIA Ekspres, and you’ll arrive at Putrajaya in no time. Click here to see more iconic spots to visit in Putrajaya.

For more information on the Bicycles Onboard initiative, visit Bicycles Onboard.

Source: Christina Chong